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Precision Payments is a leading credit card processing and merchant services company that prides itself on saving businesses money while providing superior service.
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At Precision Payments Incorporated, we provide customized solutions and personalized customer service for every facet of payment processing. We realize that every business is different and requires a unique payment processing plan. Therefore, we believe that getting to know our clients and their respective business is the best way to identify the optimal solution for them. Furthermore, after initially earning your business we will continue to listen and address any concerns you may have. We keep our clients updated on industry changes and inform owners of new products or services as they become available. Our mission is to provide our clients with the tools they need to be successful. 

When you hire us, you are not hiring a credit card processing company, you are hiring a business partner.

Just some of the services we offer…


Bring your business and point of sale units into the modern age! Clover replaces your cash register, payment terminal, receipt printer, and barcode scanner with an integrated suite of products. Accept credit cards, EMV, and Apple Pay. Get to know your business and your customers better with reports you can run at work or from home and applications that streamline your workload.

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Precision Payments offers a diverse range of merchant products and business services. Whether it’s a law office looking for a variety of payment plans to provide to their clients, a retail shop looking to upgrade to a full point-of-sale system, or even a heath club in need of recurring billing technology, as a full service merchant services credit card online and POS System account credit card processing company that prides itself as being America’s Merchant Credit Card Processor, we take it upon ourselves to provide the right solutions for our clients, all at a reasonable price. Consider us a credit card processing Merchant “Advocate”. We’re on your side!


The United States makes up only 24% of all credit card transactions world wide but yet accounts for over 50% of all the credit card fraud that occurs. The United States was one of the last industrialized countries in the world to finally mandate business utilize EMV chip technology. Because of a recent law, businesses can now be held liable for fraudulent transactions. Protect your business, make sure you use EMV compliant card processing systems.  Precision Payments offers all the major brands and POS systems. Give us a call today and we will bring your business up to date.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Your privacy and consumer data is important to us!

Our terminals process millions of transactions each year. Offering a secure, safe product that businesses and consumers can trust is at that foundation of our business. Should you have any questions about how data is used or transmitted, please click here.