Precision Payments, Inc | Digital Marketing- Kaptivate 360
Kaptivate 360 is preferred partner of Precision Payments. The partnership allows Kaptivate 360 the ability to offer marketing & web design services to merchants at an affordable rate.
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Digital Marketing

About This Project

Precision Payments was founded on the promise to deliver our customers all the services they need to be successful. It brings us great pride to announce that we have formed a partnership with a Florida based, leading digital marketing company, Kaptivate 360. Our friends at Kaptivate 360 are specialists at optimizing the platforms of small businesses and leverage the power of the internet to work for small and medium ventures. Their creativity, vision, and work ethic are unmatched. We are proud to call them a partner.

Reach More People!

Kaptivate 360 is a leading digital marketing and production company that specializes in affordable marketing solutions for small businesses.


June 20, 2016