Precision Payments, Inc | Credit Card Processing
Precision Payments is a leading credit card processing company that offers a secure, low cost credit processing program.
PPI has the lowest credit card processing rates in the industry!
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Credit Card Processing

We are America's Payment Processor!

The way companies conduct business is constantly evolving. We too have evolved and changed with our clients to offer to latest in respect to merchant payment processing needs. At the heart of our business is the ability to process your card payments. We offer low rates and unparalleled service. Just a few of our benefits include: - Low rates and fees for transactions - Precision Payments offers a secure, encrypted platform, ensuring customer and business data is secure. - Our quick platform reduces the Days Sales Outstanding. Essentially, the money you bill, is quickly transferred to your account. Whether it be large ticket transactions or small purchases, Precision Payments guarantees that we can save you money while offering you unparalleled customer service. That’s our promise!


March 06, 2016

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